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  • Trestles
    Builders Trestles

    From £4.00 These steel trestles will support stagings or scaffold boards, to provide a stable platform for a wide range of building work. The adjustable steel trestles are ideal for plastering bricklaying and can be used to deck out a room or make a run up. Products Week Hire Size 1 Trestle £4.00 Size 2 […]

  • Podium-step
    Podium Steps

    From £30.00/ week Products Week Hire 1.2m Podium Step £30.00 1.5m Podium Step £30.00 This podium step offers an adjustable platform heights of 1.21m and 1.44m. It is ideal for maintenance and repair work and can fit through a standard doorway. It is stabilised and has a full guardrail. FREE DELIVERY AND COLLECTION IN UXBRIDGE […]

  • Staging-Boards-2.4m
    Aluminium Stagging Boards

    From £14.00/ week Lightweight rigid platform ideal to span between two points with no need for further central support. Various lengths available. Anti slip surface. May be used with a handrail system as an addition. Products Week Hire 2.5m Stagging Board £14.00 3.0m Stagging Board £15.00 3.6m Stagging Board £16.00 4.2m Stagging Board £18.00 5.4m […]

  • Step-ladders-1
    Step Ladders

    From £15.00/ week Lightweight Tread Aluminium Swing back Stepladders. Suitable for general maintenance and inspection works. Sizes 1 day hire Week Hire 8 Tread 1.6m £7.00 £15.00 10 Tread 2.2m £9.00 £18.00 12 Tread 2.8m £10.00 £20.00

  • Extension-ladder-1
    Extension Ladders

    From £22.00/week. Lightweight doubleand triple extension ladder that can be erected by one person. Sizes Week Hire 2.4-4.2m £22.00 3.0-5.4m £28.00 3.6-6.3m £30.00 3 section ladder 8.9m £30.00 3 section ladder 8.9m £35.00

  • 30552200_PI
    Mobile Access Tower

    From £40.00/ week Where space is limited, our range of 0.85m wide mobile alloy towers can solve your access problem, perfect for stairwells, alleys and narrow forecourts. Tower heights are shown including handrail. Products Week Hire 2.3m Narrow Aluminium tower £40.00 3.3m Narrow Aluminium tower £55.00 4.3m Narrow Aluminium tower £60.00 5.3m Narrow Aluminium tower […]

  • teleguard4-6_lrg

    Starts from £35.00 Dimensions: 4M WH £35.00 6.5M WH £45.00

  • push-up-aluminium-ladder-3-section-2423-012-328667-sby13100

    Start from £30.00 / week Dimensions 5.8m £30.00 8.9m £35.00

  • 2-part-push-up-and-rope-operated-ladders-500×500

    Start from £ 22.00 /week Dimensions: 2.5-4.2 M £ 22.00 3.0-5.4 M £ 28.00 3.6-6.3 M £ 32.00